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Our intuitive, real-world training prepares students for careers that are most in-demand.


Training kids on technology early in life is crucial. We’ll help you meet state and federal STEM/CTE requirements and train your staff.

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Does Pluralsight offer academic pricing?

We do. Please contact our Academic Sales Team to discuss your class or school needs. We can then provide you the best solution for your institution.

We use Pluralsight to train our developer and IT employees. Can we use your content to train our students?

Pluralsight is committed to educating all levels of developers and IT admins, from beginners to more experienced pros. Because we offer a wide variety of courses, our training is a perfect fit for your staff and students.

How can I integrate Pluralsight into my curriculum?

Contact our Academic Sales Team at and learn how easy it is to integrate it into your existing curriculum. we will review your lesson plans and class outcomes and help you map out the specific pluralsight courses that align with your needs.

Can I manage multiple classes?

Pluralsight understands the need to keep classes separate. To accommodate this, we provide the ability to break students into teams/classes.

What types of reporting will I have?

You are able to track student usage, course completion percentages, assessment results and other key measurements.