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No Advertising in April, Just Free iPads!

Each month we spend thousands of dollars on web advertising and we're not entirely sure how well it works. So this month we decided to do something different with that money. Something nice for our community.

We're giving away an Annual Plus subscription every business day in April.
Oh and we're throwing in a new iPad 3 for every winner too!

Just follow @pluralsight to enter.

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New Course: REST Fundamentals

By Howard Dierking - Released 21 March 2012
REST is an overloaded, and thus misunderstood term in architectural circles these days. This course attempts to clear up some of the misunderstandings about REST as well as provide a more practical approach for designing RESTful solutions - both clients and services. Additionally, we look at REST from the perspective of the cloud and show how REST is well-suited to meet the demands that the cloud brings to bear on a modern architecture.

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New Course: ALM with Team Foundation Server 2010

By John Brown- Released 26 March 2012john_brown

This course provides the fundamentals on Team Foundation Server 2010 as an Application Life-cycle Management tool. This course will introduce you to the process templates and team project resources that describe how you work. It will talk about how to use the work items to manage the details of your work and how to use version control manage the assets of your projects.

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New Course: Formatting with PowerShell

By Thomas Lee - Released 20 March 2012

This course takes a close look at a variety of mechanisms you can leverage to get great looking output from Powershell. The first two modules focus on string formatting and using the ToString method. The rest of the course looks at using Format-* cmdlets, hash tables, and using format files and Format XML.

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New Course: Data Access Application Block

By John Sonmez - Released 16 March 2012john_sonmez

The Data Access Application Block is a part of the Microsoft Enterprise Library. In this block there are many classes that you can use to help simplify your data access code and make it more portable. In this course we will learn about the Data Access Application block, how to use it to do basic querying of data and even map data from our database to objects. This course also covers the entire Data Access Application block, and is designed to help you master the block.

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