June 12, 2012    


New Course: Debugging the Web

By Shawn Wildermuth - Released 31 May 2012shawn_wildermuth

As a web developer, you are tasked with developing the server and client-side of your web projects. For the client-side of development, there are a lot of great tools to debug your web pages. In this course we will show you how to use the tools to debug the layout, JavaScript, CSS and networking in your web projects.

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New Course: Async and Parallel Programming: Application Design

By Dr Joe Hummel - Released 29 May 2012dr_joe_hummel

Need to make your .NET applications more responsive and run faster? On today's multicore hardware, async and parallel programming may be the answer. This course discusses the safe and efficient design of asynchronous and parallel .NET applications.

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New Course: SQL Server Performance: Intro to Query Tuning

By Vinod Kumar and Pinal Dave - Released 01 June 2012
SQL Server performance tuning is an art to master - for developers and DBAs alike. This course takes a systematic approach to planning, analyzing, debugging and troubleshooting common query-related performance problems.

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