August 14, 2012    


New Course: SQL Server - Transact-SQL Basic Data Retrieval

By Joe Sack - Released 01 August 2012joe_sack

In this course you will learn how to construct SELECT statements to retrieve data from SQL Server databases. The course starts with the basics of a SELECT statement and its various sub-clauses, and progresses to how to select from multiple data sources in the same statement. This course also includes a comprehensive section on the functions to manipulate, aggregate, and convert data during the select operation.  

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New Course: Building Extensible Applications with MEF

By Dustin Davis - Released 02 August 2012dustin_davis

Manage Extensibility Framework is Microsoft’s answer to the runtime extensibility problem of today’s applications. In this course, you'll learn about MEF and how it works, including how to implement it in to your existing applications. We will also discuss if you should replace your existing IoC solution with MEF, and troubleshooting and debugging parts.

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