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Pluralsight Reseller Programs

The reseller programs outlined below are designed to allow authorized partners to sell or "bundle" Pluralsight training subscriptions to their customers.

value-added reseller

Value-added Resellers (VAR) may "bundle" prepaid Pluralsight subscription "cards" with their own products or professional service offerings, including instructor-led classroom training services. VARs may purchase Pluralsight subscription cards at special VAR-discounted rates. This program allows VARs to enhance their offerings with an opportunity for additional margin.

international corporate reseller

In addition to what's available to VARs, International Corporate Resellers (ICR) may also market and sell "corporate subscriptions" within a specified geography. Pluralsight may grant select ICRs exclusive rights within the geography contingent upon quarterly quota requirements. Pluralsight expects ICRs to make a serious investment in local marketing and sales activities.

For more information about becoming a Pluralsight reseller contact us here or send email directly to reseller-programs@pluralsight.com.