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Jason Alba

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Jason Alba is the CEO and creator of JibberJobber.com, a web-based system to organize and manage a job search (and the networking you do between job searches). Jason is a certified Personal Branding Strategist and popular blogger and speaker about career management and social tools for professionals. Jason wrote I’m on LinkedIn – Now What???, one of the first books on using LinkedIn. He also wrote I’m on Facebook – Now What??? and is finishing two more books (Eight Lunches, for entrepreneurs and a book on social media etiquette). Jason maintains several blogs including JibberJobber.com/blog, and contributes to the AOL Jobs blog. In his spare time he created the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD. Jason has an IT and business background and earned a Computer Information Systems degree and an MBA.

Course Author Level Rating Duration Released
Career Management 2.0 Closed captions Jason Alba Intermediate [01:58:39] 17 Oct 2013
Designing a Killer Job Search Strategy New course Jason Alba Beginner [01:43:15] 18 Apr 2014
Developing a Killer Personal Brand Closed captions Jason Alba Intermediate [01:55:48] 7 Jan 2014
Effective Email Communication Closed captions Jason Alba Beginner [01:33:34] 3 Oct 2013
Informational Interviews Jason Alba Beginner [01:45:32] 31 Jul 2013
LinkedIn Fundamentals Jason Alba Beginner [01:52:34] 23 Jul 2013
Relationship Management and Tracking for Your Career Jason Alba Beginner [01:47:53] 4 Dec 2013
Writing and Marketing a Book Jason Alba Intermediate [02:46:40] 2 Dec 2013