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Jim Cooper

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Jim Cooper is a senior software developer at Pluralsight, with more than 18 years of software development experience. He has a passion for Agile software development, including test driven development (TDD), and pair programming and a passion for the simplest most legible code that could possibly work. He has successfully mentored other developers in the use of TDD and agile practices while still recognizing there are many people in the software industry from whom he has much to learn.

Course Author Level Rating Duration Released
AngularJS for .NET Developers Eames , Cooper Intermediate [05:16:57] 17 Dec 2013
AngularJS Fundamentals Eames , Cooper Intermediate [06:19:00] 17 May 2013
FakeItEasy Belcham , Cooper Intermediate [01:21:38] 20 Aug 2012
Microsoft Fakes Fundamentals Cooper , Belcham Intermediate [01:56:26] 10 Oct 2012
Mocking With Moq Closed captions Belcham , Cooper Intermediate [01:53:07] 25 Jul 2012
Rhino Mocks Fundamentals Closed captions Cooper , Belcham Intermediate [02:12:22] 28 Jun 2012