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Dr. Joe Hummel

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Joe focuses on High Performance Computing and .NET languages. Joe has been specializing in Microsoft technologies since 1992, and is well-versed in Microsoft's High-Performance Computing initiative (HPC Server, Compute Cluster Server, MPI, MPI.NET, OpenMP, PFx), web technologies (ASP.NET and Ajax Extensions for ASP.NET), the desktop (WinForms), LINQ, .NET Framework, and its most popular languages (VC++, C#, F# and VB).

Joe has co-authored two books on Windows development, hosted more than 60 MSDN webcasts, and taught courses worldwide. Joe holds a PhD in Computer Science (UC-Irvine, 1997), hence his moniker "dr. joe"; his thesis work was in the area of optimizing compilers for parallel computers. Joe is a tenured professor of Computer Science, and has numerous research publications in the fields of compiler optimization and CS education.

Joe is an avid sailor, and resides in the Chicago area with his wife and daughter. When Joe isn't computing, he's out sailing with family and friends on Lake Michigan.

Joe Hummel's MVP Provile

Course Author Level Rating Duration Released
Async and Parallel Programming: Application Design Closed captions Dr. Joe Hummel Intermediate [03:45:02] 29 May 2012
Introduction to Async and Parallel Programming in .NET 4 Closed captions Dr. Joe Hummel Intermediate [02:51:22] 3 Jan 2012
Learning How to Program with Scratch Closed captions Dr. Joe Hummel Beginner [04:29:08] 25 Mar 2013
Moving from VB6 to VB.NET Dr. Joe Hummel Beginner [02:07:53] 12 Nov 2009