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Dan Sullivan

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Dan is an independent consultant, author, and speaker. He likes data; pointy data, rectangular data, even data just lying around on the floor. He is a co-author of the book "A Developers Guide to SQL Server 2005". His articles have been published in MSDN Magazine and SQL Server Magazine and he has spoken at WinDev, Microsoft events, as well as to various developer groups.

Course Author Level Rating Duration Released
.NET Reactive Extensions Fundamentals 1.0 Dan Sullivan Advanced [03:54:57] 17 May 2011
.NET Regular Expressions Dan Sullivan Intermediate [03:29:07] 31 Oct 2011
Introduction to SQL Server Dan Sullivan Beginner [02:09:54] 24 Jan 2011
Photoshop for Technical Drawings Closed captions Dan Sullivan Intermediate [04:58:26] 29 Mar 2013
Redgate SQL Prompt Dan Sullivan Beginner [01:47:48] 14 Feb 2011
SQL Server - TSQL Dan Sullivan Intermediate [04:47:01] 22 Mar 2010
SQL Server Business Intelligence Overview Bret Stateham , et al. Beginner [03:47:55] 10 May 2010
SQL Server Fundamentals Closed captions Dan Sullivan Beginner [08:12:38] 15 Jun 2010
SQL Server Management Studio by Example Dan Sullivan Beginner [01:03:32] 11 Mar 2010
Web Debugging by Example Woodring , Sullivan Intermediate [00:44:17] 1 Nov 2009
XML Fundamentals Closed captions Dan Sullivan Intermediate [04:51:23] 11 May 2012
XML tools by Example Dan Sullivan Beginner [00:54:13] 17 Nov 2009