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Inversion of Control

A comprehensive look at inversion of control and how to use common IoC containers

Authored by: John Sonmez
Duration: 4h 11m
Level: Intermediate
Released: 8/15/2011
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In this course we will take a detailed look at inversion of control by tracing it back to the underlying principles and patterns it was based off. We will disect inversion of control by understanding dependency inversion, the types of inversion of control, and dependency injection. We will clarify the differences in these terminologies that are often used incorrectly by both junior and experienced developers. Finally we will pull it all together and create our own IoC container and examine some of the common IoC frameworks like Unity, Castle Windsor, StructureMap, and Ninject.

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John Sonmez is the founder of Simple Programmer (, where he tirelessly pursues his vision of transforming complex issues into simple solutions