Sandra Medina

Sandra Medina

Sandra is a self-taught software engineer based in Seattle, Washington with a background in philosophy. Currently, she is a co-founder and engineer at Stormlight Consulting, where she helps clients build out their cloud computing dreams. Prior to that, she was a developer within the Azure org at Microsoft, working on performance and crash management tools for various internal teams. She is experienced at working on services that demand high availability, strict data privacy measures, and distributed networks at large scales. At the same time, she is an accomplished UI developer as a result of her time spent working on the frontend of the Urban Outfitters website. On the side, she helps moderate the Elpha forum for women in tech which has over 25k members. She is passionate about leveraging her unique background to empathetically communicate with audiences, specifically when it comes to breaking down intimidating technical concepts in an intuitive, relatable way.

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