What to Get a CAD Artist for Christmas

Now that the Holiday Season is in full swing, you more than likely have started your Christmas shopping - or if you're like most of us, you've probably procrastinated. No worries though! You still have plenty of time to find that perfect gift for that special someone in your life. However, if that special someone is a digital artist, it may be difficult to get them something that they would be sure to appreciate. Luckily for you we put together a list of the Ultimate Gift Guide for Digital Artists to help you through this debacle. In this helpful holiday gift guide, we discuss good present ideas for CAD users. While CAD covers many industries, we did our best to come up with items that anyone would love.  

Moleskine Notebook/Journal

$8.95 - $35 moleskine No matter what type of digital art you may be in, CAD, graphic or even 3D design, it's never a bad idea to step away from the computer screen and go back to the basics of pen and paper. Whether it be for sketching your next big idea or taking notes in a meeting, Moleskine notebooks offer many products for every type of note taker. Many of the staff members here at Digital-Tutors are avid Moleskine users. You can pick up one of these great stocking stuffers at a local office supply store or online.

USB/Flash Drive

$4 - $15 Flash drives make great stocking stuffers and don't cost much. When working in a digital field, it's great practice to use flash drives to keep documents and other files such as music and pictures that take up valuable memory on a computer. Consider getting them a fun, unique flash drive so they're sure to never to lose it.

Vintage Drafting Set

$20 - $100+ il_fullxfull.692122253_gxtj Step back in time and get your designer a vintage drafting set. This method of drawing may be outdated. However, gifting one of these drafting sets will be a unique way for your favorite designer to try drawing by hand. You can find one of these sets many places online for a reasonable price - anywhere from $20 to $100+. We found many of these vintage sets available on etsy.com along with many other cool items.

3D Printer

$399+ arenan_cover_front2 If your shopping budget is rather large and want to get that special CAD someone something really nice, you may want to splurge on them and buy a 3D Printer. As 3D printing technology expands, new uses are found almost daily. People are using 3D printers to print clothing, coffee mugs and even working guns. In addition, many designers are using this technology to print models of their work. These models can be used to pitch ideas to clients or even just for a hobby. The opportunities are endless and fun! Do you have any other suggestions for CAD-related gifts? Be sure to share them with us and our readers in the comment section below!