Now Available: Building a Parametric Tree in Revit

The new Building a Parametric Tree in Revit tutorial is now available for viewing as Digital-Tutors brings CAD software and subjects to the world’s largest CG, VFX and Digital Art training resource. With this advanced tutorial, members learn about the family behavior of a tree, the leaf as an adaptive component family and how it can be nested and repeated to form the branch family and the complete tree. By the end of the tutorial, you will have a better understanding of how to use powerful adaptive components and better understand how to take advantage of family behaviors in common objects. Watch the sneak peak above and discover more Revit tutorials in the Digital-Tutors training library. Become a member to access every tutorial on Digital-Tutors.  Start for free with a demo account. Follow our @CADTutors Twitter handle for more CAD updates. 1304