Three pitfalls to avoid with Revit's Timber Framing Tool

The Timber Framing Tool is designed to make the framing process quick and efficient for Autodesk subscription holders. Like all things that sound too good to be true, there’s a few places where knowing how to do things the hard way can really come in handy to ensuring you have a sound structure.

Set proper stud spacing

WorkPlaneGridSpacing Also with the Wood Framing Walls feature, setting your stud spacing can be a bit confusing at first due to the language it uses. In order to set the spacing to what your design calls for follow these steps: First, select your wall. Then, click the Wood Framing Walls feature. Under the studs and blocking category, look for length (represented by “1”) and change the dimension to what your on-center spacing should be. For example, 16” O.C. = 1’4” length according to Revit. To get a more detailed walkthrough, check out Creating Custom Wood Framing Families of Creating a Wood Frame Model in Revit.

Choose the right material


You can change your material type while working in the extension window or update the material type manually. For a custom material type, you can duplicate families that already exist in Revit and name them according to their use and properties. Understand how to pick, change and add notes to your material types in Creating Custom Wood Framing Familes in Creating a Wood Frame Model in Revit.

Mind the wall gap

WallGap When using the Wood Framing Walls feature, Revit will frame the wall for you. However, what it won’t do is fill in the gap it creates in the corner where the walls meet. You’ll need to highlight all the elements of that frame and move them to join with the other framed wall to create a tight corner. This quick fix works really well in the floor plan view. Watch how to adjust frame elements in Framing Walls of Creating a Wood Frame Model in Revit. bad_doc4 Understand the concepts behind the Timber Framing Tool with the complete Revit tutorial in the Digital-Tutors training library with a course covering Creating a Wood Frame Model in Revit and you’ll be able to tackle any framing project thrown your way. Or check out some of our other free CAD tutorials this month.