Videos, templates and the Ribbon: Three PowerPoint 2013 pro tips

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You may have heard about the boardroom cliché, "death by PowerPoint," but we've got three techniques to make falling into that trap less likely. Check out these useful techniques from our PowerPoint 2013 Essentials training to create presentations with more ease, ultimately letting you be more engaging.

Embed video PowerPoint 2013 with custom playback

There a lot of options for working with video in your presentation that didn't exist in earlier versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. In this clip, learn how to embed a video into your PowerPoint presentation, one of the prominent features that make PowerPoint 2013 really cool.

Besides just adding the video, there are a few things you can customize:

  • Link to a specific video file, or embed (insert) the video directly into the presentation (watch our for file sizes).
  • Re-size your embedded video, apply video styles and formatting like borders and overlaid text.
  • Compress all the media in your presentation and use automated playback capabilities.

How to create templates

This next free training clip shows you how to create templates for PowerPoint 2013 from a blank presentation. You'll start by looking at the various layouts for your "master" views, and then see how to change/edit existing or new templates as you create them.

Customize ribbon display options

This third tip is really useful if you create a lot of presentations and want to optimize your PowerPoint workflow a bit.

The ability to change how you see the Ribbon within the user interface can really help you be more productive while using the software. Now you can change how you view the ribbon within the user interface, replacing the menus in 2007. The tools and options displayed in the Ribbon change depending on context the of whatever you are doing in PowerPoint as you go. For example, selecting a text box will display certain formatting options, but de-selecting will display something else.

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