Taking a Leap of Faith

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The act of entrepreneurship is in itself a big leap of faith. Yet as your company grows bigger, the stakes grow higher, and you must learn how to master uncertainty when the success of the business itself is on the line.

I discuss these issues and more in my post this week on Inc.com, “Why I Threw Away Half of My Company's Revenue.” You'll learn about Pluralsight's biggest leap of faith to date-taking our training business online-and how we learned to:

  • Exercise patience and discipline to find the “big bet.”
  • Prepare to pivot, so that we could take advantage of new technology trends that allowed us to scale our offering to the world through an online model.
  • Overcome the classic “innovator's dilemma,” by burning the boats and committing fully to our new business model.

When you're willing to take a well-educated leap of faith as an entrepreneur, you can use your powerful vision of the future to overcome all naysayers.

Read the full post here.

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Aaron Skonnard

Aaron Skonnard is the CEO of Pluralsight (NASDAQ: PS), a fast-growing enterprise technology learning platform. Aaron cofounded Pluralsight in 2004 and has since grown the company to more than 1,000 employees and 1,500 expert authors. As CEO, Aaron focuses on business strategy, future direction, product development and strategic partnerships. On a day-to-day basis, he works closely with the entire executive team in different capacities, including recruiting, brand management, marketing, sales, feature planning and content acquisition.