Five $100,000+ Jobs for IT Professionals

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Jobs in the information technology field are much more in demand due to people's growing reliance on computers, the Internet, networks and other IT infrastructures.   But with the varied activities and disciplines within the field, it is bound to be very difficult to determine which jobs are earning six-figure salaries.

Here are five IT-related jobs that earn at least $100,000, and how you could get them.

1. Chief Information Officers

Chief Information Officers (CIO) belong to the top executive level of any organization.  The median salary for CIOs is estimated at around $133,000.

What do they do? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, CIOs are the ones who oversee the general technological direction of the company and are often expected to know how the entire organization works.  They basically come up with project budgets, staffing, training, and equipment expenditures.  They also manage and review IT professionals in the organization.

What do you need to become one? A bachelor's degree in I.T. related courses is usually just the first step towards becoming a CIO.  You would also need managerial experience and further studies.  Your advancement may be helped if you participate in training programs sponsored by the company, attend related conferences and seminars, pursue executive development programs in your organization, and get professional training and certification.

2. Computer and Information Systems Manager

This is the only IT-related occupation that is included in's list of the highest paying jobs in America in 2011.  According to, a Computer and Information Systems (CIS) manager earns more than $123,000 per year on the average, with more than 288,000 employed right now.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for CIS managers will grow by 17% through 2018.

What do they do? A Computer and Information Systems manager coordinates different activities related to information systems, data processing, computer programming and systems analysis.  In short, they are in charge of other IT professionals in the organization.

What do you need to become one? While some current managers hold only an associate degree, it is necessary to back it up with experience and learning the skills needed while working.  Most Computer and Information Systems managers hold a bachelor's or master's degree in a computer-related field.  He or she would also need to have certain certification(s) for software and technology.

Similar positions:

  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Management Information Systems Directors
  • Information Technology Directors
  • IT Project Managers

3. IT Auditor

An IT auditor basically takes a look at just how well your IT management and security systems are working.  Average annual salary for IT auditors is pegged at $102,750 in 2008.

What do they do? IT auditors help companies comply with relevant legislation and ensure that they have secure systems to keep their data and records safe.  They review the company's IT systems, operations and practices.  According to James Reinhard, a manager at Simon Property Group Inc. with more than two decades of experience in integrated and IT auditing, an IT auditor would be talking to the systems administrator about IP in one minute and discussing financials with the auditor in the next.

What do you need to become one? An IT auditor should have the knowledge of the organization's IT infrastructure as well as operational and financial audit experience.  He or she should also have an educational background in computer science or any related fields.  Communication skills, the ability to train others and the talent to understand I.T. technologies quickly are also needed, along with a long list of professional certifications such as the Certified Information Systems Auditor, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

4. Business Continuity Analysts

In the event of a hurricane or a fire hitting your office, how sure are you that you would still be able to operate like it was a normal day?  Business continuity analysts make sure that you can and do just that.  While the Bureau of Labor Statistics do not have data on this specific job function, the agency does report that a related occupation, computer systems analyst, earn an average of $75,500 per year., however, reports that business continuity analysts were projected to earn a little more than $100,000 a year in 2008.

What do they do? Business continuity analysts are tasked to come up with recovery strategies that would enable organizations to resume normal operations immediately after a crisis.  They make sure that systems are in place for data and file back-ups, assess potential risks and losses, and implement the best solutions and recovery plans.  They are also in-charge of communicating with other members of the company, as well as training them to prepare for crisis events and prepare them to continue operating through a crisis.

What do you need to become one? Business continuity analysts often hold bachelor's degrees in business or an I.T. related discipline.  Some employees also look for professional certification, such as those offered by the Institute for Continuity Management.

5. Computer Scientists

Computer scientists act as the creators, designers and inventors of any new technology for their organizations.  The BLS reports that in 2008, the average computer scientist earned close to $100,000 annually, with the top ten percent earning more than $151,000 annually!  What's more, computer scientists are in demand, with an estimated 24% more jobs from 2008 through 2018.

What do they do? A computer scientist creates new technology or finds new ways to use existing technology.  They solve complex computing problems for their organizations and are often working with other people, sometimes with those having no technical background.

What do you need to become one? Most companies and organizations require their computer scientists to have a Ph.D. under their belt and they must also have an aptitude for technical topics and math.  They would also need to think creatively and logically, while also being able to multitask with a close attention to detail.

A bachelor's degree in a computer- or IT-related field is no longer an assurance that you are going to land a high-paying job in the future.  Further studies, years of experience, the right personality and professional certification can help you ensure that these jobs are in your career path!

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