12 signs your tech employees are burnt out


As we approach the end of each year, it's inevitable that things usually get a little wild in the workplace. After all, you and your team are frantic to finish projects before the holiday break, tackle those last minute to-dos and wrap up not only Q4, but an entire year. Feeling a little stressed? Us too. But, it's important to tune in and watch for warning signs of burnout as 80% of organizations say it's something their employees suffer from. 

Typically, team members start to feel emotionally exhausted when the demands of their work exceed the resources they have to cope with stress. Employees may begin to create distance between themselves and others, resulting in a cynical attitude. Or, professional inefficacy might start to creep in when your team feels a lack of accomplishment and questions their own effectiveness, skills and value to the organization. All of these things can negativly impact your business by affecting your ability to hire new employees, alienating current and prospective clients, hurting the business in productivity loss and turnover costs and stifling innovation and causing you to fall behind your competition.

So before your employees are at their wit's end and ready to jump ship, watch for these burnout signs and take the necessary time to nurture your tech team back into a healthy state of mind. 

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12 signs your tech employees are burnt out



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