Tech Internships Pay a Crazy Amount of Money

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If you're someone who toiled away at unpaid internships in college like I did, a new report from Business Insider and Glassdoor will make you wish for a redo. In the list of the top 20 highest-paying tech internships, some high-profile companies, including Facebook, VMware and Microsoft, pay interns a whopping $6,000 or more a month. We're pretty sure these aren't the kind of interns fetching coffee and filing all day. When it comes to recruiting the best young talent in the industry, these internships probably pay for themselves in a few years when interns turn into long-term productive employees.

Here's a breakdown of some of the companies on the list that aspiring IT pros should consider, with links to where to apply:

  • Cisco: $3,930 per month on average (translates to $47,160 annually). Apply here.
  • IBM: $3,942 monthly average ($47,304 annually). Apply here.
  • Dell: $4,024 monthly average ($48,288 annually). Apply here.
  • NetApp: $4,559 monthly averge ($54,708 annually). Apply¬† here.
  • Intel: $4,749 monthly average ($56,988 annually). Apply here.
  • Amazon: $5,366 monthly average ($64,392 annually). Apply here.
  • Microsoft: $5,936 monthly average ($71,232 annually). Apply here.
  • VMware: $6,536 monthly average ($78,432 annually). Apply here.

If you had an internship, tell us what it was like in the comments below or on Twitter, @TrainSignal.

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