Infographic: 10 IT Jobs in High Demand, Thanks to the Cloud

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Stop me if you've heard this before: The cloud is drastically changing the way IT departments function, and there are a whole new set of skills IT pros need in order to stay competitive. After all, the cloud is projected to grow into a $240 billion industry by 2020.

VMware recently addressed this topic with an article on its blog by consultant Heman Smith, detailing how the industry needs to be forward-thinking in the era of the cloud. Smith says IT departments must become more proactive and agile, adjust to a faster pace, institute formal project management tools, and find new ways to measure success. Companies should also be looking to hire the right employees to lead the charge.

If you've never been to VMware's website, you're missing out on a slew of useful resources, and it does a particularly good job with visual learning. Check out these posters that help IT pros understand VMware's technologies, and the infographic below, which describes 10 crucial roles hiring managers will be looking to fill as the shift to the cloud becomes increasingly important (click on image to enlarge):

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