Being A Better Employee

By Amelia White on August 27, 2015


Improving your work skills is a great way to turn your job into a lifelong career. Whether you choose to move up the ladder, or even to a different role or a different company, these skills will help you maximize your career success and opportunities.




This learning path is designed for technology professionals in an existing job, who want to build additional skills that will help them maximize their career opportunities and successes.



Target audience:


This learning path is intended for technology professionals in an existing job.



Course sequence:

Course Duration
Career Management 2.0 1h 58m
Career and Survival Strategies for Software Developers 3h 02m
How to Have a Better Career in Software 1h 01m
Becoming a Better Listener 1h 36m
Customer Service for Software Developers: Delighting Customers 2h 09m
Working on a Team 1h 43m
Productivity Tips for the Busy Tech Professional 0h 59m
LinkedIn Strategy: Optimize Your Profile 1h 55m
LinkedIn: Proactive Strategies 1h 29m
Turning the Corporate Ladder into an Escalator 3h 30m
Management 101 3h 23m
Leadership: Getting Started 1h 52m
The Art of Public Speaking and Effective Presentations 2h 27m
Communications: How to Talk, Write, Present, and Get Ahead! 2h 29m
Speaking Fundamentals 4h 09m
Effective Email Communication 1h 33m
Effective Phone Skills 1h 19m
Fundamentals of Written Proposals 2h 37m
Pitching Your Idea Effectively 0h 54m
How to Get Your Next Promotion 2h 05m
Developer to Architect 2h 41m
Developer to Manager 2h 45m
Developing a Killer Personal Brand 2h 00m
Relationship Management and Tracking for Your Career 1h 47m
Total 51h 34m


Learning path description:

A career is a bit like a child. Once you have one, you're really just getting started! Careers take nurturing, attention, and lifelong guidance in order to be at their best.


Skills like communications, brand building, presenting, idea pitching, and more can all help turn your existing job into a well-nourished career that offers more opportunities and options. You may have mastered some of these skills just to get into your current job, but a refresher is a great way to make sure you're continuing to exercise these important "soft" skills.


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Amelia White

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