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An entrepreneur, traditionally speaking, is someone who organizes and manages the logistics of starting a business enterprise. While this definition is still accurate, there are many additional qualities which make someone an entrepreneur. If you're curious to learn more about what exactly it takes, you're in the right place. This series is a great introduction to the mindset and ideas of what embodies an entrepreneur.


This path will take you from zero to hero in the world of entrepreneurialism. You'll first be introduced to the concepts, and then you'll learn the skills needed to embody the entrepreneurial spirit.

Target audience:

Since this is a "soft skills" series, anyone who wants to learn more about becoming an entrepreneur would benefit from the courses outlined below.

Course sequence:

Course Duration
So You Want to be an Entrepreneur? 3h 58m
Marketing and Selling Your Own Products and Services 2h 03m
Productivity Tips for the Busy Tech Professional 0h 59m
Financial Modeling for a Business Plan 2h 59m
Developing a Killer Personal Brand 2h 00m
Becoming a Better Listener 1h 36m
Effective Email Communication 1h 33m
LinkedIn: Proactive Strategies 1h 29m
LinkedIn Strategy: Optimize Your Profile 1h 55m
Management 101 3h 23m
Total 21h 59m



To start, you'll join Dan Appleman in So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur? to learn the basics of what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Some of these topics include setting goals, financial planning and executing your plan. You may already have an idea, but what good is it if you're not sure how to market that idea? Jason Alba will handle that by guiding you through Marketing and Selling Your Own Products and Services with an introduction to basic sales concepts as well as marketing tactics.


Next up, Richard Seroter's Productivity Tips for the Busy Tech Professional is a great introduction to some strategies that will help you get more meaningful work done. This will be especially beneficial when you're attempting to launch your own business or product. And, of course, another vital aspect of starting a business is the financial aspect. In Devin Thorpe's Financial Modeling for a Businss Plan, you'll learn how to model various aspects of your plan including revenue, balance sheets and cash flow statements.

In Jason Alba's Developing a Killer Personal Brand course you'll learn more about what personal branding can do for you, and how you can leverage this branding to expand your network. You'll then rejoin Jason for Becoming a Better Listener, so you can improve your listening skills and beef up on your leadership knowledge. Then, in Effective Email Communication you'll learn how to master the art of electronic communication through professional email messages.

After that it's LinkedIn: Proactive Strategies in which you'll learn how to maximize your utilization of this online networking tool. In the same vein, LinkedIn Strategy: Optimize Your Profile will show you how to use LinkedIn to empower your personal brand. Finally, you'll wrap it all up with Management 101, in which you'll learn how to manage people effectively and become not just a boss but a true leader.

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