Pluralsight cookbook: Recipes for success

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we thought you could use a few ingredients that won't necessarily help you prep for the dinner table feast, but rather recipes for a little career success. Grab a plate and dive in!

Pluralsight cookbook: secret sauce for open source


Bring desire to learn to a boil. Defrost bag of courage until it looks like bravery. Combine bravery and manners with desire to learn. Stir until desire to learn pops. Sprinkle willingness to accept criticism and let cool. Garnish with developer knowledge.

Ready to go open source at work? Here’s how you can convince your boss.


Pluralsight cookbook: light and fluffy cloud migration


In a large skillet, melt 1 stick of patience over medium heat. Add valuable data and bandwidth availability. Cook, assessing current workloads for cloud migration. In a large bowl, trial migrate workloads. Stir in enough troubleshooting and cloud stacks to ensure suitable connectivity. Using 3 cups attention to detail, migrate production workload to virtual machine, cover and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

While actual cloud migration might not be light, here are a handful of cloud courses that aren’t full of any fluff.


Pluralsight cookbook: sweet Agile processes


Preheat your processes and place can of daily stand up meetings on your schedule. Distribute M.S.C.W. techniques evenly. Add Scrum boards. Layer in Retrospectives every two weeks. Sprinkle with R.A.C.I. charts and don’t forget a dash of roadblock removal to balance the flavor.

Follow this real recipe about how to be more Agile here.


Pluralsight cookbook: fully-baked resume


Open a new 8.5 x 11 document. Apply R&D and use document to store your job’s target needs. In a separate document, place great content within target needs. Spread additional great content around generously as necessary. Add hints of color for a zesty flavor.

If you’d like to get your resume ready to serve to your next employer, check out Resume Development for Technical Professionals.


Pluralsight cookbook: easy as pie composition


In a large workspace, place guidelines. Carefully use guidelines to place subject in focus. Reduce workspace size to fit around the composition as needed. Stir in gaps and texture around subject. Arrange contrasting values on top of the composition. Season to taste with leading lines.

For a composition that tastes as good as it looks, grab a plate and get a slice of Composition for the Creative Artist.

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