6 questions to ask about your work environment


What would your employees say about where they work? Do they love coming into a collaborative, cubicle-free space? Are they proud to put your company name next to theirs? Or do they love the seriously stocked kitchen?

Many tech companies are notorious for these types of perks like trendy, open offices, unlimited snacks, game area and so on. However, it’s not just about the food, foosball table or any other physical perk in your office—it’s about the type of work environment your employees mentally check into every day. 

A quality work environment doesn’t start or stop with surface benefits—answer these questions to gauge what type of environment you’re establishing for your team: 

If you answer these questions truthfully and work to fix the problems you identity, you’ll be on your way to creating a better work environment, which will result in a more productive, loyal team—allowing you to keep your talent happy and in-house.

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