Resume tips for tech pros


What do keywords, themes, visual cues, persuasive arguments and personality have in common?

They all belong on your resume. Gone are the days of basic bullet points and lackluster lists of past positions. Here are the days of personalized, audience-centered, digital assets that have the power to catch your future employer’s eye and score you that interview. 

Often times, your resume is the first interaction a manager or recruiter has with you. And with one chance to make a first impression, don’t risk blowing it with a subpar on paper introduction. Make yourself jump off the page (or screen) with these eight modern resume tips for technology pros:

(FYI: The eight tips mentioned here can be found in more detail in our resume guide.)

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Go from on paper to in person

And there you have it, down to the last detail—just like your resume (should be). For the full scoop on these tips, check out our resume guide. 

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