The Importance of Developer Training

‌‌ By Pluralsight on May 12th, 2014

Our world is becoming more virtual and companies from nearly every industry are becoming more reliant on web developers for engaging with audiences. An increasing demand for quality developers and a lack of qualified candidates have created new employer challenges.

This unique situation of supply and demand is just one of the many reasons Code School created team accounts, so that employers can easily provide ongoing developer training that helps attract and retain top talent.

Here are three reasons why we suggest that companies provide effective web development training in one form or another:

  • Efficiency prevents burnout – Technology moves fast, and the amount of ideas and projects put on a developer can be very demanding. If developers aren’t keeping up to date with the latest technologies, they may be building systems that are less maintainable, less scalable, and that cause them to do more work than necessary. By providing training for version updates and new technologies, developers can write less code, get more done, and experience increased job satisfaction!
  • Learning creates a culture of pride – Developers care about their work. Most developers would avoid a company that doesn’t value innovation or updates to technology. Offering continued education shows that you value high-quality code and your team of developers, which then helps you adopt new technologies and attract more top talent!
  • Courses set knowledge standards – It is rare to find a team of developers who all have the exact same level of experience. Adopting a training platform allows employers to set knowledge standards and identify what technologies their team should know.

By having set standards in place, new developers know what technologies and courses are required of them in order to quickly get up to speed and collaborate with their team.



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