Training trends
of 2016


The old adage, "To know where you're going, you've got to know where you've been" often rings true for many things, but especially when it comes to learning. So, we've put together a recap of what you learned in 2016. From courses to categories and new features such as paths, notes and skill measurement tests, we're highlighting Pluralsight's top training trends of 2016. Take a look and see how these match up with the skills you developed this year!

Coders, unite. It's no shock that Angular and ASP.NET topped the list as the categories most software developers were interested in this year. Python and design patterns were also big in 2016. Here are the top 10 courses for devs in 2016. Did you watch any of these? 

  1. AngularJS: Get Started by Scott Allen 

  2. ASP.NET MVC 5 Fundamentals by Scott Allen

  3. Angular Fundamentals by Joe Eames & Jim Cooper

  4. Building Applications with ASP.NET MVC 4 by Scott Allen 

  5. C# Fundamentals with Visual Studio 2015 by Scott Allen 

  6. C# Fundamentals with C# 5.0 by Scott Allen 

  7. Python Fundamentals by Austin Bingham & Robert Smallshire

  8. Design Patterns Library by multiple authors
  9. ASP.NET MVC 4 Fundamentals by Scott Allen 

  10. Building a Web App with ASP.NET Core, MVC 6, EF Core & Angular by Shawn Wildermuth

    *Ranked by unique views.

When it comes to IT Ops, it's no surprise that security was a big theme. Additionally, you were also interested in virtualization, DevOps and AWS. Here are the top 10 IT Ops courses of 2016. Which ones did you complete? 

  1. SQL Server 2012 Querying (70-461) Part 1 by Christopher Harrison

  2. Ethical Hacking: Understanding Ethical Hacking by Dale Meredith 

  3. Cisco CCNA: Introduction to Networking by Ross Bagurdes

  4. Docker and Containers: The Big Picture by Nigel Poulton 

  5. Docker Deep Dive by Nigel Poulton 

  6. ITIL® Foundations by Lowell Amos

  7. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fundamentals for System Administrators by Elias Khnaser 

  8. PowerShell: Getting Started by Michael Bender

  9. Windows Server 2012 R2 (70-410) Install and Configure Servers by Greg Shields

  10. PMP® - Introduction to Project Management & the PMP® Exam by Casey Ayers

* Ranked by unique views. 

The creative world was all about JavaScript and other types of programming this year. In addition, creatives dabbled heavily in graphic design, CSS, image editing and photography. The top 10 creative, design and engineering courses of 2016 are listed below. Which one is your favorite? 

  1. Quick Start to JavaScript: Volume 1 by Susan Simkins

  2. Quick Start to JavaScript: Volume 2 by Susan Simkins

  3. Quick Start to JavaScript: Volume 3 by Susan Simkins

  4. CSS Positioning by Susan Simkins 

  5. Introduction to Unity 5 by Joshua Kinney 

  6. Introduction to Building Website Layouts by Susan Simkins 

  7. Responsive In-Browser Web Page Design with HTML and CSS by Karen Menezes

  8. Photoshop CC Fundamentals by Matthew Pizzi 

  9. Semantic HTML by Susan Simkins

  10. Introduction to CSS for Designers by Susan Simkins 

*Ranked by unique views. 

New features of 2016

This year was a big year for us when it came to adding features to our platform. We introduced new ways to provide you with a complete end-to-end learning experience and help enterprises skill up their teams and keep talent in-house. With paths, notes, mentoring and our adapative skill measurements, we've got you covered no matter what you're looking to learn. Check out some of the 2016 stats on our new features. 

Paths help guide your learning experience. They tell you where to start, what to learn and where to go. Explore our paths here

Our adaptive skill measurement tests are truly one-of-a-kind. Not only does the assessment "adapt" with each answer you provide, the skill measurement will also evolve as technology does. Learn more about the science behind our adaptive skill measurement

We launched our notes feature in October 2016, and by the end of this year close to a quarter million notes have already been saved—take note of that! 

Pluralsight's 2016 training trends

Whether or not our training trends of 2016 match up with what you learned this year, all that matters is we're all continuing to learn, to skill up, to grow. As technology professionals, we know how important it is to stay current and continue to find more innovative, efficient ways to tackle problems. So take a look back and think about what you learned this year; are you on track for 2017? We hope so, and we're here to help whenever you're ready to learn something new. 



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