Nominate Your Favorite GPU

Like software, many artists become die-hard fans with the hardware that goes into their workstations. And why not? The reliability of your hardware is often crucial to your project’s success. While all hardware is important, there’s one piece of hardware that often stands above the rest as a deciding factor for the hardware around it. Many artists choose the motherboard for their computers based on what graphics card they want. ? The type of creative work you do can definitely be a driver, for example if you’re using a GPU renderer on a daily basis you’ll probably need something with a little more power than an artist who works in Photoshop most of their day. Then again, even Photoshop takes advantage of the GPU now. Which graphics card is best for creative work? We want to get your input. So for all creatives, no matter what type of work you do, let us know what your favorite GPU is by filling out the form below with as much information as you’d like to share and we’ll post the results soon. [gravityform id="20" name="2015-04-Favorite GPUs for Creatives"]