What a Web Designer Really Wants as a Gift for Christmas

If you've got a web designer in your life, you might be wondering what to get them as a gift that they'll both find useful and would enjoy. We're here to help you! We've asked web designers what they really want as a Christmas gift and they've come up with so many wonderful options. Here's a list of different items listed from lowest to highest price.   Brightly colored silicone cable ties shaped like zippers Silicone Cable Ties $6.99 Web Designers have a lot of electronics. All those cords and cables can really start to get out of hand. Grab a set of attractive cable ties to throw in their stocking. We vote for reusable ones instead of zip ties that'll need to be replaced every time your web designer buddy wants to move their electronics around.   Cyber Clean Cleaning Compound $8.59 While a tech cleaning product may not seem to be a glamorous gift, any web designer would appreciate getting it in their stocking.   All A Book Apart books A Book Apart books $9 EBook  or $18 Paperback A Book Apart books are short books that are written by web designers for web designers. Currently there are 13 books available. Your web designer would appreciate any one of them. The only possible issue would be if they already own them all!   Touch Screen Gloves Starting less than $10 Web designers usually have a lot of gadgets. They'd like to use those touch screen gadgets and stay warm at the same time. Getting them some gloves that are designed to still enable you to use a touch screen would be helpful. There are a lot of different kinds of touch screen gloves, from leather to bamboo to knit. Luckily there's a website that lists a bunch of different gloves and rates them on how easy it is to use your touch screen with them on.   Different color and types of moleskines Moleskine Notebooks Starting at $9.95 All web designers need to break away from the digital world sometimes, whether it's to take notes at meetings or just quickly draw out some ideas. Moleskine Notebooks are high quality and are simple, but beautiful. One of our favorites is the Evernote version. Anything that needs to be hand written can be instantly shared, synced, tagged and stored. The Android version of the app even includes a widget that will bring the Smart Notebook right on the phone's interface. Moleskine offers a bunch of limited edition notebooks that sport pop culture stuff like Star Wars or Mickey Mouse.   App Store Gift Card Varies greatly There are lots of different apps that web designers use to get their work done. Since it's usually not possible to gift an application that requires a download, getting he or she a gift card to the App Store (if they have a Mac) or Windows Store (for PCs) so that they can download one of those super useful softwares would be a great gift. If the software that your web designer craves isn't available on either one of those stores, then getting them a Visa or MasterCard gift card for the exact price with tax could accomplish the same goal.   Einstein, Darth Vader, Bruce Lee, My little pony flash drives Super Fun Mimobot Flash Drive From $19.99 (8GB) to $129.99 (128GB) Web designers have online tools available to them like Dropbox and Google Drive if they need to save their files somewhere they can access later. But sometimes a designer might not have an internet connection. Flash drives are a great solution to the no internet issue. Mimoco flash drives, called mimobots, feature designs from Abraham Lincoln to Batman to My Little Pony. They even include wallpapers, desktop icons, and avatars on the mimobot that match the flash drive that you purchased.   Adobe Typekit Subscription From $24.99 to $99.99 a year  If your web designer already has an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription then they wouldn't need a separate subscription to Typekit. However, if you know that they're working with something like CS6 and haven't yet upgraded, then Typekit would be a great gift. Typekit gives a designer access to thousands of web-fonts that they can use on their websites. There are different levels of subscription that have to do with UI Stencil Starter Kit The UI Stencils Starter Pack $75 Web designers need to sketch out their ideas before they spend time creating them on the computer. It's so much easier to visualize a design if you can see how it could quickly look in the context of the browser or on a cell phone. The UI Starter Pack includes a web or iPhone stencil kit, notepad, stencils case, and drafting pencil. If you're looking for something a little less expensive, consider picking up some of those item individually from UI Stencils.   Curly Brace Earrings Curly Bracket Hanging Earrings $95 If the web designer in your life is a woman, she'll definitely associate these curly braces with CSS. There's no way she won't love them.     Macaw Interface Macaw $99 for Learner or $179 for Professional While you could give a gift card for your loved one to buy Macaw, we wanted to highlight it as one of the softwares you could suggest. It's available for both Mac and PC users. Macaw allows the same abilities as Photoshop or Illustrator to create mockups, but it also creates semantic HTML and CSS based upon the images you've created.   Code Mode Light Code Mode Light $229 If you've ever spent time with a Web Designer, you've probably come to realize that when they're coding, they're not really paying attention to much else around them. This nifty light gives them an opportunity to let you know when they're "In Code Mode"- which is code for leave them alone!   iPad Air 2 Starting at $499 Web designers could get a ton of use out of a tablet like an iPad. The iPad has a bunch of available apps that can help them with their designing. iPads are also a great way for designers to stay connected on the go.   Surface Pro 3 Starting at $799 Marketed by Micorsoft as "the tablet that can replace your laptop" a Surface Pro 3 is a handy little tablet computer combo that's powerful enough to run full Adobe products and still give the flexibility and portability of a tablet with a pen. A Surface Pro 3 would be incredibly useful to any web designer.