Animated 2D Feature, Boy and The World, Wins at Annecy Festival

Awards for this year's Annecy International Animated Film Festival were announced last weekend, and the coveted Cristal for Best Feature Film was taken home by Brazilian film maker and animator, Alê Abreu, for his feature The Boy and the World (O Menino e o Mundo).
The film's story revolves around a young boy from a small village who has set out in search of his missing father. During his search, the boy eventually makes his way to a dark and confusing urban environment, and later to a distant and magical world. Abrue's film contains no dialogue; however, its visual style, use of primary colors, and basic geometric 2D shapes help create a simplistic world for the innocent boy's world. The film's artwork is rendered in a wonderful hodgepodge of chalk and crayon-like using a combination of traditional paper illustration, After Effects software, and live action. Take a look at the The Boy and the World's trailer above and let us know what you think about the Abrue's use of 2D animation by commenting below. You can also check out a video that features some some extend scenes along with a sample of the film's sound track here.