Autodesk Drops Price of Maya LT 2015

Okay indie gamers, get your credit cards ready because Autodesk is now offering a $30 monthly subscription for Maya LT 2015! This price is a significant drop from the previous $50/month. Maya is one of the most popular and powerful modeling and animating softwares out there, and this new price option means that now even more indie game designers can gain access to this incredible software. Also with the new price, you can expect some new features as well. Here is a look at just a few of them.

Cloud Integration

  • Now use the power of the Cloud to upload and share your projects directly through the Maya LT interface. Cloud sharing can make sharing files and assets easier among team members, especially if members are hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Also you can grab models created with 123D Catch and use them for starting points for your own.

New UV Editing Tools

  • Maya LT now features a new Unfold3D integration that makes creating UV maps for your 3D models quicker and easier. With Unfold3D the algorithms are more efficient and the checkerboard visual feedback system makes identifying problems much simpler, even if your a novice to 3D modeling.

Walk Tool

  • The new Walk Tool helps you navigate your perspective camera through Maya LT's Viewport by using the WASD key configuration much like playing a first-person shooter. This tool can let you see your game worlds as if you're the character walking among them without needing to export them to your game engine.

Geodesic Voxel Binding

  •  Maya LT has improved the way you can attach your models to a rigging system through tools such as the Skin Binding method, which significantly shortens the time and accuracy you need to successfully rig your assets. This means less clean up work for you and more time focusing on making your creations move.
Maya LT also has quarterly and annual pricing options along with a free trial option. If you want to learn more about the now more affordable Maya LT software, visit their website and check out its other new features like the enhanced character animation tools. Getting Maya is only the first step, however. Knowing how to use it is a different matter. To gain the basic skills or to improve on already existing ones, check out our Maya LT tutorials and get in the game so you can create yours!