Brackets Text Editor Version 1.0 Now Available

Brackets, the popular open source text editor created by Adobe, came out of beta today with the release of version 1.0. Brackets was first released three years ago, and had gone through 44 minor updates before today's big 1.0 release. By naming this release 1.o, Adobe is telling the world that Brackets is officially ready. Brackets was created for front-end developers, with a focus on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A preview of Extract for Brackets is also available for download with the new version, but Brackets can also be downloaded without it. According to Bracket's blog, "Extract for Brackets (Preview) speeds up the process of pulling design information like colors, fonts, and measurement info out of a PSD and turning it into clean, minimal CSS." Photoshop Creative Cloud is necessary for Extract to work, since Extract is a Creative Cloud service. This new feature is intended to help improve the process of moving from design to development. Screenshot of Extract for Brackets Version 1.0 now includes: theme support, multiple cursors, split view, and more. You're now able to change the shortcut key combinations to your liking. Collapsing Quick Edit results is also no available, so you can hide files you might not want to edit, like the generated CSS files when you're working with a CSS Preprocessor. Another release of Brackets should be available within the next 3-4 weeks. After this release, the core Adboe team will slightly change what features they focus on. The Adobe developers will now be more focus on features that will support design-oriented coding tasks. The developers end goal is to make Brackets, according to a blog post, "the best code editor for doing design-oriented coding with CSS, HTML, and JS."