CGSociety Acquired by New Artist Advocacy Group

Recently, Interim CEO for the CGSociety, Andrew Plumer announced in a forum post that the long time 3D forum of digital artists has been acquired by The Art Society. The new owners are also an artist advocacy group that looks to "inspire, inform, educate, and recruit" artists of every kind. For the last 13 years, CGSociety has been well known and respected for its own advocacy of digital artists and its educational workshops. Plumer suggested that the buyout would only result in a change in ownership, with overall operations continuing "business as usual." However, he also suggested that today's quickly changing industry required the organization to move to the "next stage" and that The Art Society was the key to this change. Overall, Plumer's post was rather vague about how this change-without-change would necessarily impact existing members of CGScoety, its website, or its overall goal. Below is Plumer's post in its entirety.

As of the 1st of February 2015 ownership of CGSociety changed to a new entity The Art Society. This change has come about after a lot of conversation and collaboration with the new owners. Our industry is changing at a rapid rate and CGSociety is committed to continue to serve to the Digital Art Community that has supported us so loyally for over 13 years. Last year we got to talking with The Art Society and found they offered what we believe CGSociety needs to take the community to the next stage.The Art Society really understands our industry and community and respects that everybody feels like the own a small part of CGSociety so it will be “business as usual”.

The new owners will operate the business steered by the existing team from our Australian office. I will be handing over to to Diego Rojas who has taken up the position of General Manager. I am confident that CGSociety has a very bright future under the stewardship of Diego with the fresh vision of new leadership.

Stay tuned. There will be some exciting new announcements in the months to come!

Andrew Plumer Interim CEO, CGSociety