COLORWAY Now Available As Plugin For CINEMA 4D

COLORWAY, an intuitive coloring, texturing, and lighting tool by The Foundry, is now available as a plug in for CINEMA 4D R15 or later. C4D users can now access the power of COLORWAY'S iterative workflow and real time updates making subtle design changes without the need to re-render. The plugin works seamlessly with Maxon's software by allowing you to tag specific parts of your UVed models and lighting setups to export as your COLORWAY project. Once imported, you now have amazing control over coloring, texture, and lighting attributes. You can even add decals to your model inside COLORWAY. COLORWAY's UI is uncluttered with an intuitive layout and HUD that keeps your workflows quick and easy. Multiple "views" of different materials, colors, and textures are clearly displayed and easily accessible in side menus. COLORWAY is great for manufacturing production where lockable components of your rendered model can be restricted for safety while clients and designers further downstream can still make changes easily saving you time and money. COLORWAY is also available for MODO. For more information, you can visit The Foundry's website or watch their promo video below.