Watch the Digital-Tutors and Autodesk Maya LT Indie Game Dev Webinar (Video)

On July 22, our lead modeling instructor, Justin Marshall conducted a live webinar in conjunction with Autodesk. If you're in the process of or have the desire to start developing your own indie game, be sure to take advantage of the webinar recording below. Justin's live tutorial was part of Autodesk’s Meet the Experts Webinar series, which features some of the best from various industries. The focus of this session was centered on the indie game development pipeline. Justin discussed creating your own 3D game characters using Maya LT as well as techniques such as retopologizing and baking out texture maps. If you missed the webinar, be sure to watch the recording of it to ensure that your characters are efficient and fully-functioning throughout your indie game. To find out more about Autodesk's Meet the Experts Webinar series or to register for future events, visit the webinar registration page.