Digital-Tutors Takes Home Golden Pixie Award for Best Video Training

You might be wondering, "What are the Golden Pixie Awards?" or, "How do I enter?"  Well, technically speaking you can't and the full name of the awards, "Peter Plantec's Entirely Biased Golden Pixie Awards" will probably give you a little more insight into how they work. The awards are attended, hosted, and judged by the honorable digital artist and writer, Peter Plantec. Plantec's books on 3D animation and Virtual Human Design have been best sellers, and he has been featured with his virtual human Sylvie on television shows, both in the US and Europe. Plantec's writing topics range from blending artistry and technology to virtual-human and animated character personality design. He currently sits on the Board of Associates and the program board of FMX, Europe's largest digital entertainment Conference, where he curates and hosts the Virtual Humans Forum. He also maintains a popular blog at StudioDaily.com in New York where he is Contributing Editor. But back to the awards... Digital-Tutors, along with Nvidia and Arnold Renderer, were recently among Plantec's top (entirely biased) picks for excellence within the digital industry. "I've been doing this for decades," Plantec's states, "so my opinions are based on experience." The author admits he bases his picks on things like interfaces, cleverness, functionality, and sex appeal. With respect to Digital-Tutors, Plantec enjoys our professionalism, expansive library, introductory series, asset library, and up-to-date content. Although not explicitly stated in Plantec's review, we feel confident that our sex appeal was quite obviously implied. He states in his post:
"I stay up to date on a number of applications by taking video courses at www.digital-tutors.com. Keeping up on what I write about is no easy task these days...Now there are hundreds of useful applications used in various processes needed to create VFX, games and animation. I noticed Digital-Tutors has at least 80 different subjects with close to 1700 courses available. Within these courses you will find more than 32,000 individual video lessons!"
Digital-Tutors humbly accepts this Golden Pixie, a symbol of the highest recognition of excellence one can achieve within the mind of Peter Plantec. And we thank him for his service in promoting the digital arts through the focus of his talents, skills, and knowledge. If our video instruction has played even a small part in his success, we would consider our efforts completely worth it. Thanks, Peter and all who have helped us change so many lives! Now play us off with music before we get teary-eyed. Make sure to check out Peter's full post on Peter Plantec’s Entirely Biased Golden Pixie Awards.