Explore the Colorful Characters Inside Pixar's "Inside Out" Trailer

Disney-Pixar just released the first teaser for its next animated feature, Inside Out, which comes out next June. We got our first images last month of the film's main character, Riley, a tween-ager with typical problems wrangling her emotional development. This time, the trailer gives us a little more insight into the supporting cast. The film was written and directed by Pete Docter (Monster’s Inc. and Up) who takes the approach of personifying Riley's different emotions transforming them into loveable, swishy Pixar characters. Voicing these moody manifestations will be Amy Poehler who plays “Joy,” Mindy Kaling as “Disgust,” Bil Hader who voices “Fear,” Phylis Smith as “Sadness” and Lewis Black as ”Anger.”
The Inside Out trailer takes a interesting collective approach by including a compilation of other Pixar movies and characters expressing all five emotions. In a way this helps tie all of Pixar's films together, something we found out last summer in the Pixar Theory is actually a viable idea. The trailer's actual footage from Inside Out also suggests that the film's visual designs attempt to represent our mental processes. In the trailer we see an assembly line containing different colored spheres moving through through pipelines that are meant to resemble the brain's synapses and neurons transporting memories and thoughts. cont image2 The film's character design seems to draw upon common visual motifs for representing the "little voices" inside our heads. For example, Anger is a short, stocky red character that looks like a marshmallow with arms while Fear is an uptight, skinny, milquetoast. It looks as if Joy will be charged with bringing the other four emotions together. She help them form the family of misfits they inevitably will become. The variety of colors expressed, not only within the characters, but the overall promotional campaign is a bold design that uses high contrasts in color and form to help lend a quirkiness to the story. cont image1 From a design perspective, Inside Out certainly seems a feast for the eyes, and we can't wait to see fuller, more realized version of trailer #2 in the future.