(Expired) Extended MODO 801 Trial and Free Introductory Training from Digital-Tutors and The Foundry

This promotion has now expired.   Getting to grips with new tools in MODO is now even easier. With the recent release of MODO 801, The Foundry has teamed up with Digital-Tutors to offer artists and professionals a chance to jump in and learn the ropes with a special offer. What’s great about MODO 801? The new release is a “monster upgrade” to the 3D package, adding node-based shading, improved animation and dynamics tools, and plenty of new cool features right across the board. MODO is an all-in-one package and can be used to model, sculpt, rig, animate and render. Due to its flexibility and range of tools, artists and designers in multiple industries, including Advertising & Marketing, Design, VFX and Games are increasingly choosing MODO and we're seeing the growth in the amount of MODO training being viewed too. MODO-701 Really cool features like MODO’s replicators make light work of creating beautiful images and the all improved dynamics engine make even the most ambitious ideas possible. Effects artists can now simulate flexible ropes and chains, shatter objects to create realistic destruction within animations or use the new glue system to simulate layers with breakable constraints. The Foundry is offering an extended, 30-day free trial of MODO 801 and with free Digital-Tutors introductory training, now is a great time to give MODO a test drive. All you need to do is follow these simple steps: 1) Start here and download your Free MODO 801 trial. 2) Follow the 4 easy steps to create an account and get your trial. 3) You will then receive a link to the Digital-Tutors training at the end of the process. 4) Enjoy! IMPORTANT NOTE from the Foundry: The offer is for a limited time ending on the 30th of June 2014, making this the best time ever to try MODO and Digital-Tutors brilliant training! Once you've started the free trial, take advantage of the free training and explore all of the available MODO tutorials in the training library.