The Foundry Announces New MakerBot Kit for MODO

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) begins today, and The Foundry is set to announce its new MakerBot Kit for MODO. The announcement bodes well for individual 3D print artists and businesses that need an industry standard approach that will raise the accuracy, quality, and flexibility of 3D printing in general. Artists who use MODO can now access MakerBot's online 3D asset sharing site, Thingiverse, to download 3D models ready for printing or upload their own unique designs. They can also use MakerBot Cloud Library within MODO for storage, sharing, and retrieval of 3D assets. 2015 looks to be a year that sees 3D printing growth rise exponentially, especially with serious software like MODO getting in the game. Below is The Foundry's official press release.

London, UK–MakerBot a global leader in the desktop 3D printing industry, and The Foundry introduced the MakerBot® Kit for MODO (“MakerBot Kit”), at the Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) 2015. With the MakerBot Kit for MODO, for the first time, users can create and edit designs using The Foundry’s MODO 801 capabilities and publish them directly to MakerBot’s Thingiverse.com, or save them privately using the MakerBot Cloud Library, all from within MODO. Thingiverse® is one of the largest 3D design communities in the world, offering more than 500,000 downloadable digital 3D files, and is one of the best places for viewing, sharing and downloading 3D printable files.

This innovative 3D design and printing solution is part of the companies’ strategic partnership, optimizing the 3D workflow to enable easier and faster creation and printing of 3D objects. The partnership, first announced earlier this year, was designed to revolutionize the 3D printing workflow for MODO users. Optimizing this workflow is critical as 3D printing “has become a major disruptor in the global economy,” according to the Consumer Electronics Association, which doubled the footprint of the 3D Printing Marketplace at this year’s CES.

With the MakerBot Kit for MODO, Thingiverse users for the first time have a powerful, integrated tool with which they can create their own 3D designs or expand upon other people’s designs, using common interfaces and file formats. Users can then easily and seamlessly push their creative work to Thingiverse or the MakerBot Cloud Library and access those files through their personal MakerBot Cloud Library via MakerBot Desktop, MakerBot Mobile or MakerBot PrintShop™. The collective result is the elevation of both the quality and quantity of things created through 3D printing.

With the MakerBot Kit for MODO, artists, including both professionals and hobbyists can:

  • Load and save .thing files due to native file support
  • Authenticate MakerBot accounts from inside MODO
  • Explore Thingiverse and download free objects/files
  • Update and delete objects on Thingiverse and their own personal MakerBot Cloud Library from within MODO
  • Generate photorealistic renders of objects and upload the cover image for that item to Thingiverse and/or the MakerBot Cloud Library from inside MODO
  • Upload and store MODO files (.lxo) on Thingiverse and/or their MakerBot Cloud Library for improved editing and easy sharing with other MakerBot users
We’re excited to see where this next phase of integration with The Foundry and MODO takes creative designers and those in the entertainment field. The Foundry’s software is already used for some really incredible graphics and special effects and used in movies and games created by companies like Pixar, ILM, Double Negative, Walt Disney Animation, Weta Digital, and Sony Pictures Imageworks. We think that the capability to output those designs directly into a 3D printable file, and then share or house those designs within Thingiverse, will be incredibly exciting to realize those digital creations and bring them to the physical world,” states Jenny Lawton, CEO of MakerBot