Get An Early Look at Star Wars VII Concept Art

This week a few pieces of Star Wars VII concept art were leaked and surfaced across the interwebs. We thought we would share them with you. The images below reveal some pre-viz work for Han Solo's new look along with some new Stormtrooper helmet designs. You can view Han's new garb here. As you're likely to notice, Han Solo's age has by no means slowed this galactic bad-boy down as he's seen sporting a cool winter look complete with a smart-looking pair of manly Uggs, heavy overcoat, and a fur-lined hood that looks as if it could keep the iciest winds of Hoth at bay. And for those more tepid environments, Han ditches the winter garb to don a more relaxed getup, sporting a duster-inspired, full-length leather coat, cowboy boots, and fleece pull-over. Han will be looking pretty snazzy while trying to escape the evil clutches of the Galactic Empire. stormtrooper However, the Rebel Alliance will be getting a run for their fashion dollar as these newly envisioned Stormtrooper helmets blow in a high pressure system of awesomeness. Here you can see the helmets feature a more streamlined, aerodynamic design, giving the Troopers that edge in speeder bike races through Endor. Their new black-lined faces add a much more menacing quality to their robotic, soul-less glares, which peak behind a much narrower, and more squinty eye piece. Star War's designers have really upped the next-gen look for this platoon of white, shiny dark-side soldiers. We would love to hear what you have to say about these new Star Wars: Episode VII concept designs. Please, let us know what you think in the comment section below.