Get F.A.S.T. Animation Results With New 3ds Max Plugin

Inspired by Pixar's Presto Animation software, developer Clovis Gay from Kinematic Labs has created a new animation plugin for 3ds Max called F.A.S.T. (Fast Animation Surface Tool) that speeds up the traditional animation process. Instead of having to set up separate rig controls, F.A.S.T. lets you to designate specific sections of a mesh as "control zones" and to animate these sections using only your mouse or stylus. You no longer have to create additional objects to control your rigs. Instead, everything is triggered by predefined mesh zones. You can also wire these control zones to your blendshapes and deformers to achieve an easier, more intuitive response to your models. One big advantage of F.A.S.T. is that you don't have additional control objects to clutter your pre-viz. Another, is that you can control your rig directly with your mesh. The plugin makes animating more intuitive by giving artists a more direct manipulating experience, allowing you to pose your models in a more "hands on" way. You don't need the plugin to open or render a scene, just to create the zones and animate. F.A.S.T. is a node locked app that currently costs 120€ ($158). Below is a tutorial by Clovis himself explaining how F.A.S.T. works. Check it out and let us know if you think this plugin would speed up your animation workflow.