Google and Disney Artist, Glen Keane, Make Innovative Duet

Recently, Google's Advanced Technology and Projects Group (ATAP) announced a new collaborative project with veteran Disney artist, Glen Keane, to create an interactive story for its Project Tango. The project looks to use mobile devices like phones and tablets and their gyroscope and accelerometers to create interactive 3D experiences. Project Tango has succeeded in designing phones and tablets that can track their own movement within a 3D space and to match that movement to 3D content. Google's collaboration with Keane will mark the third in the series of Spotlight Stories created for these types of interactive 3D animations. The result of Google and Keane's collaboration was "Duet," a short tale about the beauty of maturation that follows two characters through their infancy to adulthood. ATAP recently announced it latest updates as well as showing Duet for the first time at the Google I/O 2014 conference. Viewing one of Google's Spotlight Stories in this manner is kind of like using your phone as a virtual reality viewer. You can control what parts of a larger area you want to view by panning your camera left right or moving it up or down. It's like you're the camera investigating the world of the story and discovering different aspects of it rather the story simply being played on your screen. (Check out a demonstration of how this interface works here)
  This type of virtual interaction has the potential to change the way artists like Glen Keane are able to tell stories and how we relate to them. By focusing on mobile devices, the most popular platform, Google is looking for the broadest base of influence. If you consider the other ways we use our phones, (to play games for example), this type of technology could have important implications for game designers in the future if this type of UI becomes popular. Comment below and let us know how you think these types of virtual, mobile devices will affect the development of movies and games in the future.