Grow Your Animation Video Audience With A Multi-Channel Network

One of the hottest new multi-channel networks today for animators is the Frederator Channel Network (FCN). What is a multi-channel network you might ask? Well, it's a organization that supports and manages the development of your original content channels on video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. Essentially, its an aggregator of video content usually of the same theme or type. Typically, joining a multi-channel network gives you the opportunity to receive the channel's premium advertisements on your content. By consolidating content, channels can draw in large audiences that are seeking specific types of entertainment or information. The Frederator Channel Network is one such organization that caters to animators of all kinds. Similar to monetizing your videos on YouTube through ads, FCN gives you access to their "premium advertisements." Also, their FAQ section stresses the importance of taking advantage of their professional experience and knowledge to market your content and grow your audience. To help with marketing your content, FNC will "like" and "favorite" your videos, playlist your content, and subscribe to your stuff. They will also use YouTube's “bulletins” to send out special alerts to Channel Frederator subscribers when you start a new series, approach a milestone, or other special event. The Frederator Channel Network also uses Cartoon Hangover as a main hub for promoting your work and to drive their subscribers to check out your content. If you're concerned about proprietary issues, FCN says its creatives "retain 100% creative control" over their content as well as control over their current channel. FCN requires a one year contract. For more information about the Frederator Channel, visit their FAQ section.