Behind the Mic: Interview with Our Founder, Piyush Patel

Digital-Tutors has grown immensely since we first started providing training in our humble beginning. We're nearing our 14th year of helping members grow valuable creative skills, learn to make their ideas a reality and pursue careers doing the work they love. We don't often talk about those early days of Digital-Tutors and the birth of the ideas that helped create and nurture what we've become today. Even rarer is convincing our founder, Piyush Patel, to step onto center stage and share the story of how Digital-Tutors was born and how we got to where we are today. We knew with all of the growth around Digital-Tutors, it was time to get him on screen to talk about his lifelong vision, rooted in helping others, started those 13 years ago. It was Piyush's vision, leadership and passionate desire to teach people that took Digital-Tutors from his spare bedroom to being a staple in top studios, schools and companies all around the globe. Sit back with Piyush as we go behind the microphone (yes, some of you have heard his training before and +50 points if you can find his pen name on the site) and hear about our history and where we're going next:
A big thanks to Piyush, and the pint of Guinness it took to win him over, for sitting down and sharing his story and our story with everyone, and thanks to all of our members and fellow creatives who have helped make Digital-Tutors the source of learning and knowledge it has become. Stay tuned as we go behind the microphone with more Digital-Tutors team members, including your favorite tutors!