MODO 901 Sneak Peaks Revealed by The Foundry

During a live broadcast, The Foundry gave us a sneak peak into the new features of MODO 901. The new version of the studio's modeling software is said to contain over 100 new features. However, what may impress consumers the most about the new MODO 901 is its more robust rendering capabilities, which uses a more accurate Multiple Importance Sampling (MIS) and Adaptive Light Sample Allocation. Both approaches can greatly increase the speed and accuracy of a render while reducing the amount of noise within a scene. Other features of 901 include:
  • New progressive texture baking, featuring a ray tracing methodology which lets artists preview textures as they bake.
  • Improved tools for everyday modeling tasks, including Topological Symmetry, Split and Fill Slice tool option, Quad Fill Pattern mode, Linear and Radial Align and Multi-edge slicing
  • Better ways of working with both regular and UDIM multi-tiled UVs, with new workflows including better packing, transfers, straightening and alignment
  • Layered multi-resolution sculpting, with multiple sculpt layers at each mesh level, and the ability to transfer multi-resolution displacement vectors between meshes