New Big Hero 6 Trailer Takes Closer Look at Film's Characters

Disney released a new, extended trailer for Big Hero 6 that helps flesh out some of the characters along with hinting at a tragic back story for the main character, Hiro. Unlike BH6's first teaser, this trailer tones down the laughs for a more in depth look at the unlikely band of teenage characters. The group includes the inflatable robot Baymax, who helps Hiro Hamada form a band of high-tech heroes. The trailer doesn't provide much in the way of the other characters' individual personalities, just that they're all intelligent, socially awkward teenagers who must stop the world from being destroyed. To make this happen, Hiro pulls the group together with his genius-like knowledge of robotics, outfitting each with a special uniform suited to their personalities.
First, there's comic book enthusiast, Fanboy Fred (T.J. Miller), who dons a ferocious fire-breathing monster suit that expresses his desire to extend his life beyond his protective shell of nerdom. Next, there's the quiet, yet sarcastic Go Go Tomago (Jamie Chung), an adrenaline junkie who rockets at break-neck speeds via discs that she can throw or shield herself with. Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr) is a clean freak, super-intelligent, and burly martial artist expert with blue plasma blades for weapons. Finally, there's Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez), the super sweet, girly-girl and chemistry whiz who keeps her fashionable super hero purse filled with dead throwing balls. cont image We also get some insights into Baymax's role as big brother for Hiro. After Hiro's real brother, Tadashi Hamada, dies, he inherits the humanitarian project his brother had been working on: a cost-effective robotic health care provider in the form of Baymax. However, it's not any physical ailment, aside from puberty, that afflicts Hiro. Rather it's the emotional void left from Tadashi's death that Baymax must heal in this coming of age story. Baymax is an unconventional hero given his passive demeanor. He's not Hiro's vengeful protector, but rather a soft place for him to land...at least until he has to kick some butt. Big Hero 6 will be out in theaters November 7th, 2014.