PlayStation Announces New PS TV and Game Streaming Service

Today, PlayStation announced its game streaming platform and remote player, PlayStation TV, a small, compact console that works with your PS4 to stream movies and games remotely to other devices. You can play PS4 games in another room of your house through Remote Play, or play your PS Vita on larger screens. The PS TV unit is currently listed at $99.99 (USD) and can play titles from PS Vita, PSone , PSP, PS3 (through PS Now), and PS4 (through Remote Play). PS TV also plays entertainment content, including movies and TV shows that can be downloaded from PlayStation Store. PS TV will also launch with video streaming apps Crackle, Crunchyroll and Qello. In addition, Sony has just announced its open beta game streaming service PS Now is available for PS3 and PS4 in much of the mainland U.S. and Canada Sony's launch of PS TV seems like a marketing move that is being used to promote its game steaming service along with providing households with more entertainment choices through remote play. Being able to play your PS4 games in your bedroom while not disturbing or being disturbed by others will be a big draw for PS customers. More importantly, all of these marketing roads lead back to the PlayStation Store, which not only will prove more profitable for Sony, but for any game devs who've shipped their games on the PS platform.