Post Facility, The Look, Starts Remote Color Grading Service

London-based post production group, The Look, has recently invested in three DaVinci Resolve DI suites as part of their new remote color grading service. The company's remote service is targeted at production companies that already have in-house post facilities, but who want to outsource the color grading for their projects. What is key to these process is a work flow that allows the kind of remote collaboration between companies like The Look and their clients. The Divinci Resolve 11 workflow creates such a collaborative effort, even allowing color grading during production so that directors and DP's can get a better idea of what the final image will look like. These types of remote set ups are great for free lancers who are limited by geography or funds for travel expenses. The benefits also work both ways with the client paying only for the post production services as opposed to usually added travel and other expenses. In addition to the financial benefits, such an integrated system also lets everyone within the pipe line see the current state of the product. For example, an in-house post facility can edit footage, send it off to be color corrected and graded, then have that graded footage returned for further edits. There would be no need afterwards to have the footage re-graded. This type of collaborative and instantaneous workflow is similar to the cloud-based ones that are becoming increasingly popular not just within the film industry, but in video game development. Instead of a pipe line that is a linear series of steps a project must go through before completion, workflows like Davinci Resolve and the studios that use them are becoming more interconnected and organic. Departments are working with other departments at the same time, teams are creating with other teams in a real time. This type of integrated production seems for now to be the future given the current trends. The Look is so confident that this is the case, that it's bought the domain name: "remote-grading.com". Check out The Look's remote grading promotional video below and let us know what you think about the future of global, integrated, remote production systems.