RealFlow 2014 Launched

Next Limit has just announced the launch of the latest version of its 3D fluid and dynamics simulator, RealFlow 2014. New features of RealFlow 2014 include:
  •  A new icon and shelf interface that let's you assign out-of-the box tools and commands as well as customize and create your own commands and tools.
  •  The new Hybrido viscosity solver makes creating and changing the viscosity of fluids much easier. There is also a new bubbles emitter.
  •  The meshing work flow has been revamped with an auto-update button that allows the whole meshing process to be interactive. A transform node has been added that allows you to set boundaries for specific areas of your mesh work.
  • You can now customize and share your RealFlow preferences.
If these new features aren't enough for you, Next Limit has also provided a 15% discount for new orders until the end of June. Annual node-locked plans start at $2125 (€1700). For other pricing options, visit RealFlows' pricing page. Also, check out RealFlow's new features in more detail at their website and let us know what you think by commenting below.