Resources for Accessing Free Creative Software

In an earlier article on tips for picking your first 3D software application, we highlighted how trying a software trial edition first is a great, and free, option to find which application is the right fit for you. This advice is something that holds up for every artist or designer, no matter if you're a student starting out or a professional looking to add new tools or speed up your workflow. When the time is right, free trials and learning editions are going to be the catalyst that let you see the real value of the application. We've put together a lit of resources to help you try free creative software whether it's day one of your career or time for the next evolution of your work. 1415 Free Major 3D Application Trials Maya (30 day) Maya (academic free three-year license) 3ds Max (30 day) 3ds Max (academic free three-year license) CINEMA 4D (demo version) MODO (free 15 days and $25 for 30 days) Houdini (Apprentice Editions) Blender is also a free and open 3d animation application. While debated on who it is best for,  few studio settings use it (with growth also debated) though professional grade work can be and is accomplished with it. LightWave 3D is another option, however Digital-Tutors does not currently have training for this software. ----- Secondary Applications ----- 3D-Coat (30 day) 3DEqualizer (Learning Editions) Arnold (15 day) KeyShot (14 day) MARI (15 day) Marvelous Designer (15 day) Maxwell Render (30 day) MotionBuilder (30 day, academic free three year license) Mudbox (30 day, academic free three year license) RealFlow (30 day, $99 Learning Edition) Silo (30 day) Sculptris (free) TopoGun (free trial) UVLayout (Demo) V-Ray (3ds Max, Maya, ) Vue (Trial and Learning Editions)   Photoshop Free 2D Application Trials Photoshop CC (30 day free trial) InDesign CC (30 day free trial) Illustrator CC (30 day free trial) Dreamweaver CC (30 day free trial) Adobe Creative Cloud (Discount subscription for academics) SketchBook Pro (15 day trial) Corel Painter (trial)   Games_Example Free Game Development Applications and Game Engine Trials (All 3D applications at the top will help with game art and asset creation.) Unity (free versioncompare Unity and Unity Pro) UDK (free until game is published) CryEngine (free SDK) Marmoset Toolbag (30 day) Substance Designer (30 day) Substance Painter (30 day)   lunar_environment Free Video and VFX Application Trials After Effects (30 day free trial) Mocha (15 day) NUKE (15 day) Premiere Pro (30 day free trial) Smoke (30 day, academic free three year license)   1320_MASTER Free CAD Application Trials Revit (30 day, academic free three year license) Inventor (30 day, academic free three year license) AutoCAD (30 day, academic free three year license) Rhino (90 day + trials) SolidWorks (trial, paid student version)   Note: This list includes software we provide training for and a few others popular in the industry. More can be found via search or asking others. Also make sure to see what restrictions are in place by the software companies on what files can be imported and exported.   Hopefully this list will provide you with ways to try all of the latest software and truly improve your work and your workflow. Once you have the software downloaded, make sure to take advantage of our tutorials to help you quickly get up-to-speed and then mastering these powerful applications. We have free training available for most software, including initial lessons from every tutorial. Sign up for a demo and explore free training for: 3D Tutorials and Training Maya tutorials 3ds Max tutorials Softimage tutorials CINEMA 4D tutorials MODO tutorials Houdini tutorials -------- Secondary --------- 3D-Coat tutorials 3DEqualizer tutorials Keyshot tutorials MARI tutorials Marvelous Designer tutorials Maxwell Render tutorials MotionBuilder tutorials Mudbox tutorials RealFlow tutorials Silo tutorials Sculptris tutorials Topogun tutorials UVLayout tutorials V-Ray tutorials Vue tutorials   2D Tutorials and Training Photoshop tutorials InDesign tutorials Illustrator tutorials SketchBook tutorials   Game Development Tutorials and Training Unity tutorials UDK tutorials CryEngine tutorials Marmoset Toolbag tutorials Substance Designer tutorials Substance Painter tutorials Game art tutorials tutorials   Video and VFX Tutorials and Training After Effects tutorials Mocha tutorials NUKE tutorials Premiere Pro tutorials Smoke tutorials   CAD Tutorials and Training Revit tutorials Inventor tutorials AutoCAD tutorials Rhino tutorials SolidWorks tutorials   Explore the entire Digital-Tutors training library today and make sure to take advantage of free training options when you sign up for a demo account.